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Contents of this article:

  • About Bulging Disc
    • What is Bulging Disc
    • What Causes Bulging Disc
    • What Are The Signs and Symptoms of Bulging Disc
    • Risk Factors
  • Bulging Disc Treatment
    • How is Bulging Disc Diagnosed?
    • How to Fix Your Bulging Disc?
    • How does it work?
    • How long does it take to know if the treatment is working for you?
  • Costs
    • What is the cost of the treatment?
    • Is it covered by Medicare or Health Funds?
  • Client Experiences
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What Is Bulging Disc?

Spinal Discs , also known as ‘inter-vertebral discs’, are the spongy cushions that separate our vertebras of the spinal column. Discs play important role in shock absorption, stability of the vertebral column and they also assist in movement.

What Causes Bulging Disc?

A disc is consisting of two parts: the elastic outer shell and the jelly-like substance. It is capable of handling quite a lot of pressure without damage, however some types of pressure can weaken or damage the shell and cause the jelly-like substance to be pushed out. If the jelly-like substance just bulges out due to the weaken shell it is called bulging discs. But if the shell get ruptured and the jelly-like substance came out it is called herniated disc or disc protrusion.

In both cases these events can cause a severe back pain, however disc protrusions are much more dangerous because the protruded jelly-like substance can create a pressure on a spinal nerve, that is located under the disc, and potentially even damage it.

The serious damage of the nerve can cause a paralysis.

What are the signs and symptoms of Bulging Disc?

A symptom is what we experience, feel and/or can report related to our health condition, while signs are what others can observe. For example, pain is usually a symptom, while a swelling could be a sign.

The symptoms of an impaired disc can vary according to its anatomical position and severity of the damage. Some people who have been diagnosed with damaged discs through MRI or CT scan have no symptoms.

X-Ray are not suitable for diagnosing bulging or slipped discs.

Often, people with bulging discs will not have any signs. However, disc protrusion usually cause severe inflammation and can cause very strong pain.

General signs may include:

  • Back pain
  • Pain going down the legs
  • Worsening pain related to movement, especially when bending over or sitting down for a long time
  • Pain get worse if coughing or sneezing
  • Numbness, strange sensations or pins-and-needles in an arm or leg.

What are the Risk Factors?

There are factors that can make people more susceptible to spinal disc problems.

Some of these factors are:

  • Weak muscle tone (especially abdominal)
  • Lack of exercises
  • Aging
  • Poor posture
  • Incorrect lifting techniques
  • Obesity

How to Fix Your Bulging Disc

Dr Dulitsky has developed a special method,that integrates Ozone Injection Therapy , Prolozone and Advanced Structural Alignment to address disc problems. His system allows to address all types of disc problems including bulging disc, slipped disc, degenerative changes in the disc.

How does it work?

  • The first step is to find out what is actually going on with your body. The unique evaluation process allows to find out if you are the right candidate for this treatment.
  • Our body is interconnected. Each part of it, works in synergy. The low back problem can take it roots from your neck and the other way around. Dr Dulitsky method of Ozone Injection Therapy offers holistic approach where the whole body is analyzed to find the most effective solution. If the back is not aligned properly, the disc injury will not heal well. That is why our back needs to be realigned first, if anything out of alignment. This can be done through Advanced Structural Alignment – manipulation free method that effectively can realign the whole body. In cases of severe inflammation and pain we promote the use of Ozone Injections and anti-inflammatory therapy. When the local inflammation is addressed , the internal pressure on the disc, caused by swelling, will be released and the pain will go down.
  • At the next step, the method is focused on tissue regeneration. Special procedures, like Prolozone or PRP will activate Stem Cell regeneration and helps the natural healing to take place and repair the damaged area
  • The last step of the therapy will create an individually tailored maintenance program that will help to restore your spine health and prevent further problems in the future.

The best treatment is to fix the problem before it starts.

How long does it take to know if the treatment is working for you?

Majority of patients report improvement already after one treatment. Some of our clients experienced a pain free back within the first 3 months.

What is the cost of the treatment?

The standard treatment of one area with Dr Dulitsky method of Ozone Regenerative Therapy starts from $150.

Is it covered by Medicare or Health Funds?

The treatment is still new and is not covered by Medicare or Health Funds

What do our clients say?

Helen B.

“Dr. Edward Dulitsky saw me in November of 2013 for a variety of problems associated with osteoarthritis in the spine , degenerative joint disease and previous back injuries.” In the past a tried many treatments including Chiropractic manipulation, Physiotherapy, Massage, Acupuncture, Bowen therapy and some others. My medication would not bring much relief of my symptoms. Some treatments made me feel worse, some brought relief for a very short time, but generally I can say that I was in pain most of the time. I contacted Dr. Dulitsky when I learned about his unique method to discuss if I would qualify for his treatment.I was accepted and already after first treatment I felt Relief from pain and discomfort in all areas. It was amazing to be free from pain. After my full course of treatments I had pain no more. I could walk, dance and play golf.  I would recommend this type of treatment for anyone experiencing discomfort or pain of any kind. 

This is a much better solution than cortisone injections or surgery. Dr. Dulitsky performs miracles. I have never met a doctor who I could trust the way I trust him.”

Gabriel K.

“I had L5-S1 disc herniation. The specialist I went to see told me that I need a surgery. But they would not guarantee any results. I didn’t want to have my back cut open and looked for other alternatives Then I found about Dr Dulitsky and his method. Dr. Dulitsky has worked on me for 3 months. He used Prolozone and Advanced Structural Alignment. I don’t have any pain in my back and legs anymore. I’m also can do now everything that I could do before the injury. I can play with my children , have fun and enjoy my life. I made the best choice of my life when I decided to try Dr Dulitsky treatment.”

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