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Facts about knee pain

  • Knee pain can affect people at any age or gender
  • Knee consists from knee joint (tibia, fibula and femur), cartilage (meniscus), kneecap (patella) and ligaments.

knee pain anatomy

Understand your knee pain

  • Knee pain is one of the most common problem that can have many different causes

knee pain

lateral knee pain

  • It often comes with some restrictions and can affect your range of movements
  • It can be general (spread around the whole knee) or localised ( in a particular spot or in a number of spots)
  • The treatment depends on the cause and usually work well if the problem was diagnosed correctly.
  • Some solutions may include surgery or other interventions
  • The exceptions are various degenerative conditions of the knee that can be difficult to treat.
  • There are new type of treatments that brings hope to many sufferers with chronic degenerative conditions in the knees, including osteoarthritis and cartilage degeneration (‘Bone on Bone”).These treatments are latest achievements of Regenerative medicine and include STEM CELL THERAPY, PRP, PROLOZONE , OZONE INJECTIONS AND SOME OTHERS. All these treatments are natural and do not have any side effects. They work through regeneration and restoration of the damaged tissue by stem cells.

The Knee pain signs

The knee pain can very from small ache to strong disabling pain.

The knee pain can come with:

  • Difficulty to walk
  • Redness & swelling
  • Problem with extension
  • Locking of the knee (inability to bend)

What do you need to know about the knee pain?

The location of knee pain can indicate the problem. The fracture of a bone or torn meniscus create localized pain, in one location. Infection or strong inflammation in the knee, the whole knee can become painful and swollen.

Medial Knee pain

The Main Causes Of A Knee Pain

  • Injuries
  • Medical conditions: Rheumatoid Arthritis – (Autoimmune condition); Gout, Sceptic Arthritis – (result of infection)
  • Chronic Degenerative conditions (result of overuse) : Osteoarthritis (inflammation related to the degeneration of the knee joint and cartilage , Tendinitis ( inflammation of the knee ligaments), Bursitis

What Treatments Are Available For Knee Pain?

There are number of treatments for knee pain:

  • Medications – focused to treat the underlying conditions
  • Physiotherapy – helps in many cases to strengthen the knee muscles and improve mechanical movements
  • Acupuncture – has known to be effective for knee pain relief

acupuncture for knee pain

Knee pain acupuncture

  • Injections – injecting medication into the knee often can be very effective in the treatment of knee pain. The most famous are cortisone injections and lubricants. Cortisone is used as anti inflammatory drug ton reduce pain , inflammation and swelling. The downside of cortisone injections is a fact that they do not repair, but only mask the problem. If used frequently they can make the other tissue more fragile and lead to new injuries.

The new effective alternative is regenerative injections such as PRP, Prolozone and Stem Cells (a mixture of Ozone Injection with special medication). PRP injection for knee pain

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) stimulates your own stem cell repair mechanism. Stem Cells repair the damaged tissue. However Prolozone is even more effective since it addresses the pain, activate Stem Cells to repair the damage and stop the further damage from the free radicals.

Stem Cells injections are great solution for degenerative conditions and they are more powerful than PRP but still lacking the anti-inflammatory and bio-regulative power of Ozone and they are extremely expensive.

injection for the knee pain

Knee pain Injection

  • Surgery – Ranges from arthroscopy to full knee replacement. It is very effective but not always applicable and it has a large number of side effects.
  • Partial Knee Replacement – some of the damaged part of the knee are replaced with plastic artificial parts.
  • Full knee replacement – the knee is replaced with an artificial joint

Knee Replacement – what to consider?

Knee replacement is a procedure that many consider as an ultimate solution that will fix your knee pain for good. Nevertheless if you have been told that you are the right candidate for partial or full knee replacement, please still do additional research,

There are number of serious complications that can follow the knee replacement surgery.


  • Some of them can strongly impair your life style.
  • Knee replacements do not last forever. If you had knee replacement in your fifties or younger you may need to have another one in the future.
  • Knee replacements may limit your activities.
  • Considering all these facts we do recommend always look at the knee replacement as a last resort when all other non-surgical methods has failed.
  • The latest success of Regenerative injections has created a much safer alternative for many chronic knee pain patients.

Fat derived Stem Cell Therapy

This is one of the recent Stem Cell therapy treatment that trigger the regeneration of the joint and tendon through use of adult Stem cells , harvested patient’s own fat. The cells are injected into the problem area to repair the damaged tissue and reduce inflammation. The success rate of this treatment exceeds 80%.. One of the version of this treatment is called HIQCell and it is available in Australia. The anti-inflammatory effect of the treatment and improved functions can be seen within 10 days. Some patients able to show great cartilage regeneration after six months.

The treatment is natural and very safe. The fat is taken from abdominal area through mini liposuction. Stem cells are harvested from that and injected in the joint.

The cost of procedure is between $9000 to $11000.

stem cell for knee pain

Which Treatment is the best for you?

Whatever you choose you always need to feel comfortable with your choice.

  • Choosing your knee treatment is no different to choosing the best action for any of your life projects.
  • You need to compare cons and pros, risks, potential , time and the cost.
  • The only difference that you need to be aware is your risk factors.
  • Even small risk factors can become a tragedy when it happens to you.
  • How would you feel if you will end up in a lot of pain without ability to stop it?
  • Will the fact that it was only small chance to happen will make you feel better?
  • Regenerative treatments often offer you much safer solutions in the long term.
  • Prolozone and Ozone Injections are the most affordable types of regenerative stem cell treatments.
  • The results of Prolozone therapy for knee pain are not less, but sometimes even outperform the results achieved from other types of Stem cell therapy, at the fraction of the cost, according to some clinical trials.

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