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Suffering from a Lower Back Pain? Looking for a Solution? Would it be nice to choose a treatment that is clinically proven and claims close to 90% success rate in the treatment of Low Back Pain for the approved clients*?

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About Lower Back Pain

  • Low back pain is the most common type of Back Pain. Most people experience back pain at some time, in their life.
  • The Low Back pain can be just a short term problem that may last from a few days to a few week but it can become a chronic debilitating condition that stay for many years.
  • The main functions of low back are movement, structural support and protection of our soft tissues.
  • Pain around low back is often hard to diagnose because it can be related to various problems such as : problems of the spine, disc problems, kidney disorders, viruses, some other internal problems. Often some negative factors and various health problems that can cause Low Back pain can co-exist at the time, making it even harder to find the true cause of your pain.

How To Treat Lower Back Pain

Discover the power of Ozone Injection Therapy and Advanced Structural Alignment

New Research shows that a singular injection of Active Oxygen [ a mixture of Oxygen(o2) and Ozone (o3)] could ease a pain for millions of people without any side effects.

How long will it take until the back pain will be reduced from the ozone injection treatment?

  • Significant relief usually occurs within first 3 days. However, majority of our patients notice improvement almost immediately.

Does every patient get Ozone injections?

  • No. While Ozone injections will benefit many patients, the treatment is not a panacea and may not work for every condition. Dr. Dulitsky will determine if Prolozone, Ozone injections or Advanced Structural Alignment are suitable for your condition during the initial consultation. Only if you are the right candidate this treatment will be recommended for you.

Can I get an allergic reaction to Ozone injections?

  • No. It is impossible to have an allergic reaction to Active Oxygen because oxygen is essential element for cellular metabolism that we get every minute during our life. naturally by the . White blood cells also produce Active oxygen to help fight bacteria and viruses. Sometimes Active Oxygen can trigger temporarily inflammatory reactions as way of free cells from the toxins, but usually such reactions are followed by deeper healing process.

Do Ozone injections hurt?

  • Ozone Injections as such do not cause pain, but rather burning sensation that last about 60 seconds. After that they actually acts as analgesic and do reduce pain in the treatment area.

What are the costs of Ozone Injections?

  • Standard Ozone Injections cost – $150
  • Advanced Ozone Injections (for multiple areas) -$250

Is Health Insurance or Medicare cover Ozone procedures?

  • No. Ozone injection treatments are considered alternative and are not covered by Medicare or Health Funds.

Can I drive the same day after the Ozone injection Therapy or Prolozone

  • These procedures do not require recovery time. You can drive before and after the treatment ( If your existing condition permits that).

* – subject to initial consultation

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