Valentyna Fadyeyeva

[MBBS (RU); Advanced Dip. in Complementary Medicine (UA); Sport Medicine and Manual Therapy (UA)]

Valentyna Fadyeyeva has developed a unique method of Structural Alignment that has become a foundation of Advanced Structural Alignment.

After completing her medical school Valentyna was not satisfied with the fact that the knowledge she received from medical school was not enough to stop the suffering of many back pain sufferers. She continued to search for a method that would have the power to resolve majority muscular skeletal problems for good. She travelled around the world and learned from many health practitioners that were the best in Valentyna’s area of interest.

The turning point in her quest was her training in Germany where she learned a unique system from an old German Doctor of how to adjust spinal misalignment without manipulations.

After a combining her new skill with the other knowledge that she had, she discovered a unique method that was capable of producing amazing results for the patient with structural problems.

At this stage she met Dr Edward Dulitsky and was drawn to his discoveries in regenerative medicine. They decided to work together and soon a new method was born which could produce amazing results where many other techniques had failed. The method was called Advanced Structural Alignment

Dr Edward Dulitsky

pic of dr dulitskyDr Dulitsky is an Regenerative Clinician, Holistic Doctor and a pioneer of Regenerative Cosmetic Medicine and Active Oxygen (Ozone) Therapy in Australia. During his young age Dr Dulitsky was trained by a Tibetan monk in various Oriental Healing Arts. Later on, after graduating his medical school, Dr Dulitsky integrated many things that he has learned from his Tibetan master with some of the latest scientific discoveries in the field of Regenerative and Anti-aging medicine

The focus of Dr Dulitsky research is how to rejuvenate ourselves from the inside out naturally. Some of his discoveries for skin rejuvenation turned out to work not only on skin but have the power to repair and regenerate other tissue. Integrating some of his work with a unique method of structural alignment that was developed by Valentyna Fadyeyeva, Dr Dulitsky has opened a new frontier for successful healing and rehabilitation of many chronic pain sufferers.

The creative synergy between the discoveries of two Russian doctors give hope now to many of those who already lost their faith in living pain free life.

Recently Dr Dulitsky has written a book “The Art of Rejuvenation”, which introduces a unique, revolutionary concept of transformation towards a Healthier New You by integrating the ancient wisdoms, natural therapy and power of mind with modern science.

Dr Dulitsky is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulations Agency Reg # CMR0001739676.  He is not a registered Medical Practioner in Australia because his specialization does not exist in Australia.

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